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Hey myvegas players!

We have colledted the best reviews of myvegas free chips app and we would like to share it with you. Please keep in mind that all the opinions are in the orginal form and there might be some errors or misspellings.

On the Januray 2017 we have recived email from Henry: “After playing for a few minutes I noticed that this game actually takes more coins away from you when u bet a certain amount !!! As well when u put it on auto spin if you have 1.5k bet it will actually take 2k or 2.5k it does it during auto spin so u don’t notice but I did very disappointed please fix!!! Or give me back all my chips.”

The answer is easy – you have to use free! myvegas chips app to collect the coins for yourself. Then you won’t be having any of this errors/bugs. Try it and let us know!

Still having problems with this game. Don’t always get the daily bonus wheel even though push notification tells me it’s ready. Push notification also tells me four hour bonus is ready and when I open game to get it It’s not available until after I have to go thru the 30 second extra bonus and then have it tell me it can’t connect to servers then resets and then I can get it. Got screwed out of leveling up to next bonus level because somehow in less than 24 hours lost 2 days in time remaining. Very happy with your new app.

This is what we are looking for. Please check out screenshot which Jena send us:


My daily bonus wheel hasn’t activated this morning and I don’t want to lose my day streak. Is there any way I can force it please? I know there used to be the wheel icon you could click but can’t find it on the new app. Great! Thank you a lot guys!

Thanks in advance.

More information on social media you can get from their official facebook:

A few more questions/opinions


So I’m just curious… Why is it that I had 1/4 of the available rewards while I was in Vegas? My husband had rewards available on his app that weren’t on mine and we both have way more now that we are home. Really annoyed that I’ve been playing this game and saving up my points to cash in while I was in Vegas and ended up not using ANY of them.

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The popups at the beginning of the myvegas slots game are getting a bit excessive and get in the way of enjoying the game. One of my friends recently uninstalled the game due to his annoyance at having to wait 30 extra coins to do anything when the game opened. This app would be so much better if they’d stop overusing those awesome features. Thanks

They used to do this on the hotel rewards, and I’m sad they don’t anymore: I have dates in mind for Las Vegas coming up in the next few months, and would like an idea as to whether existing rewards would apply on those dates or not. It no longer appears I can check the availability of some of these rewards on those given dates with some of the rewards (the two-night free stays, for one). Any way one can do that?

Slotomania Free Spins Questions& Answers 2017


In todays q&a we have asked a few Slotomania players what they think about free spins and we will try to solve your problems which you send us via Facebook/Twitter/Email and in comments. Let the game begin!


Q1: Took forever to get a scatter and when i did i got a whopping 325,000, which what you get now and the highest is about 2 million if your lucky, after i got your whopping 325,000 i got nothing but dead spins you took all my coins, well lucy that 325,000 you gave me SHOVE IT< You dam cheaters, really getting close to removing you.

A1: When you are using slotomania tools you have to always make sure you are 256SSL protected. You can visit the official slotomania website: and choose if you want to signup via Facebook or with your email. We have never saw a prolems when you login with your Facebook. Try this and let us know in the comments below!

Q2: Slotomania you just a joke and a lot of people are peed off with you I know lots of older people who enjoy a spin at the pokies and this was a releif for them to dabble with out costing them money however the coins don’t increase or even look like having a win of more than 3 of a kind oh yes I know you want them to spend their real money on you not happening and as for the sloto cards how hard is it to get one early one let alone the ones you need to complete the sets .

A2: Yes! The most important thing is to complete the sets even when you are loosing. If you lost all your coins you can try to get the slotomania free coins link and then generate even more free coins. It is easy as that – then you can play and try to complete the whole sets again. Please be patient and do not spend all coins at first 5 games.

Q3: It is really ridiculous that you play every day and don’t even get a sloto card for 4 days. When you manage to get any free spins you win next to nothing if anything. These games are getting bad, sorry. Not spending money to get them either, because it seems like the people that are buying coin pkgs aren’t even getting cards either. And what more.. You are just about to get all my ?winnings? back. No wins and I have had a nice bunch of money for quite some time but I guess all things must come to an end. When you get it all you can also take your game too. I will not play again. The cards are a joke. It’s not luck it’s when you want us to win and that is all. You can tell when the spins are fast and when they are slow. I gamble at casinos so it ain’t my first rodeo!!

A3: Thank you for your kind words. Yes this is true – you can get all your money back if you are signed up to the loyalty program in Slotomania. They offer you 10% back from your spins if you give them your whole data like name, last name and social security number. Just visit their facebook fanpage and ask the support :

Ok it is over for now. If you want to get more help please ask me more questions in the comments below, email me directly or contact me via contact form in my blog

Clash of Clans Hacking [2017]

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clash of clans

The players can have many benefits using these tools. Like in the game the Clash of Clans, the players have to clear many levels and face many challenges to win some gold, elixirs and different types of gems. With the help of these tools gathering the different gems and gold is an easy task. Instead of trying to clear up the different levels many players prefers to use the cheating tools and gather the gold and gems as many as they want. The cheating tools are accessible online. The process is very easy. Even a layperson can do it. After installation, the user has only to enter the username and amount of gold and other expensive materials he would love to get. After that he could do anything he wants with the jewels without worrying to have spent them. The tool can be used anytime anywhere, there is no limitation regarding the utilization of the tools.Clash of Clans Hacks are unnoticeable therefore the player does not have to worry about being banned. The hack tool service providers promise to give the players the ultimate protection against banning. The tools are also free from viruses. So, the players can install the tool without any threat of being affected by the viruses and lost some valuable documents from your phone, laptop or tablet.

Clash of Clans Tools

The tools are compatible with every smart phone, Android phone, Tablet, laptop and personal computer. The tools can give a user utmost opportunity to gather all the valuable things. With the help of these valuables the players can build their own clan more powerful, train their troops for fight and build many other constructions. These will help in winning the game.

The players have a great advantage over all the other players. They can easily and successfully win the match without giving much effort. The game is free but the players have to buy some aids from in app stores to play the game smoothly. If he or she installs the cheating tool the gems will accumulate automatically. The tools are updated regularly avoid any type of annoyance during the game.